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What do I need to know before getting a massage?
Your session should be customized to your needs. Your therapist's goal is that you have a great experience. So many parts of your massage can be altered to accommodate you. If you aren't enjoying the pressure, the essential oils, the music, or something feels uncomfortable -- please speak up.

There are many modalities to choose from. If you are uncertain what might be the most beneficial for you, contact your therapist and ask what they would recommend. 

Will I be exposed? No. Legally, all massage therapists must provide modest draping. Clients are encouraged to undress to their own level of comfort.

Your session may last longer than an hour. It is advised as a new client to plan on spending around 10 minutes filling out an intake form. I would suggest budgeting 30 minutes after an appointment to ensure that you have ample time to move on and off the massage table, pay, and drive to your next destination. 



What should I do to maximize the benefits of a massage?

Staying hydrated is essential. Massage manually breaks up metabolic waste, and after a massage it is important to stay well hydrated so the body is able to effectively flush those tissues. Drinking water after a massage will reduce soreness and allow that tissue to remain supple.

Be gentle on your body. After a massage your muscles are more pliable, and therefore more prone to injury. Plan your appointment with a recovery time where you are not doing strenuous activity, or staying seated for long periods of time. Plan a recoup that involves a hot bath or shower to promote circulation. Light stretching, and heat and ice packs can be beneficial in encouraging lengthening and circulation in the muscle tissue.

Be mindful of your body. If you are seeking regular treatment, it can be very beneficial to know what specific areas you felt the most relief in. It is also important to note soreness after a massage.  Some soreness 24-48 hours after a session is not uncommon, but if soreness persists longer it might be an indication to use lighter pressure.